Tonopah Liquor Company (TLC)

The Tonopah Liquor Company building is a two-story, coursed ashlar stone structure with a full-length basement. It was built in 1906 in the Neoclassical Revival tradition by Col. Jack Gunn, Tom Griffin, and Dave Holland, who purchased the land and operating saloon from “Uncle” Hank Knight in May 1905. The trio owned and operated the Tonopah Liquor Company from “Uncle” Hank Knight’s stick building in 1905 until the stone building was completed in 1906. Among the most notable aspects of the building is the high-vaulted, inset, polychrome ceiling on the first floor. Despite the decadent details of the first floor, its intended use from conception was a bar. The second floor was home to a brothel for a time and has a secondary access at street level on the back side of the building on St. Patrick Street. The basement still contains a period furnace, an early stand-alone ice box, and had once been the storage for the bar’s bountiful barrels of whiskey, beer, and fine wine. At one time the Tonopah Liquor Company was called the Ace Club, during which time the iconic neon dice and cards that still grace the stone facade today were placed on the front.

Current owners, Marc and Tiffany Grigory, bought the building and business in June 2015, moving their young family from Las Vegas to Tonopah to become the building’s most recent custodians. The Grigorys have revived the historic love of whiskey with the creation of the bar’s “Whiskey 100 Club”. Today, the bar is lovingly referred to by locals as the TLC and is still one of the favorite spots in town. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 14, 1982.

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