George F. Blakeslee’s Jewelry Store Building

This structure is the oldest building on Main Street. The land was sold in May 1901 by Jim Butler, the founder of Tonopah, Wilse Brougher, Nye County Recorder, Tasker Oddie, the 12th Governor of the State of Nevada, and Frank Higgs, a Tonopah mine owner, to Eliza McGregor, a widow. After building the original structure, it became the “Apex Meat Market” in 1902 and housed George F. Blakeslee’s jewelry store for many years afterwards. Blakeslee, a watch inspector for the mines, also produced many Central Nevada souvenir spoons, examples of which can be found at the Central Nevada Museum. Many of Main Street’s wood structures looked similar at the time but either burned in fires or were replaced by more modern buildings. After an addition to the back of the buildings, the structure was home to many other businesses over the decades including the Nevada Cafe, Zenith Radio, Tonopah Fuel Company, and various gift shops. Today, it is home to “Van-Tastic Fashions” in the front and the Tonopah Main Street office in the back, accessible via St. Patrick Street.

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